App Policy Support Form Missing Option For Elevation Request


Hi Twitter Team

I am trying to submit an elevation request because our recently approved app is getting many notifications
“User is over daily status update limit.”

I tried to follow your instructions below and did not see option to apply for elevated post limits

  1. Submit an elevation request on our API Policy Support Form :
    A. Select ‘I would like to apply for elevated POST limits.’

Your advice does say If you do not see this option, you are not currently posting at a rate that would require an elevation. However I am wondering how I can fix the issue or the app getting the errors “User is over daily status update limit.” it is affecting all the users of the app, with some users posts not going out at all, its functioning on a first come first serve basis, with only a certain amount of users tweets going out before the limit and the rest of the users not getting their tweets sent.

Can you please help me. I would be deeply greatful for a resolution to this issue.

Kind regards



This is an issue you ned to raise with our API Policy team via

We cannot help with specific application issues here, but I’m assuming that you are aware of our automation rules

Thank you.


Hi Andy

Thank you very much for your prompt response.

Which option would you recommend that I use for contacting your API Policy Team?

We’ve recently reviewed automation rules, and made changes to our app and reapplied for developer account. I would really like to resolve where our app is going wrong.

Like many app developers we are heavily invested in our app and serving our customers who use Twitter to share their businesses. We try and assist them in a helpful way.

I understand that you cannot comment on specific cases here, is there an email or phone number which I could use? We want to be compliant with Twitter.

Kind regards



Hey @tweeteyeltd -

i just made a quick update to your account so you can apply for an elevation via the method that you listed earlier. Please do so at your own leisure.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.



Thank you very much for updating the account. I confirm I can now see the option on the form.

I have just submitted an elevation request.

I hope it meets with Twitter’s approval, and happy to clarify any questions you have.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards