App not deleting


Not sure of this is the correct slot - my app that I have in th system will not delete -


Same here too. Can’t delete an application. After clicking ok it says “deleted” but nothing happens actually.


Same for me. Application won’t delete.


same here


Same here.


Anyone got a solution to this problem?


Same here. I’ve got two Twitter accounts I was experimenting with, but can’t delete any of the apps.

I click Delete, and a a confirmation message displays that the app was deleted successfully, but it never goes away.


Same here…


Bump for same


having the same problem …


I’m going to assume this is an issue that will never be resolved as I’ve seen threads dating back nearly 2 years with no response. My app is causing problems for my site that can only be resolved by deleting the app which doesn’t seem to be a priority for Twitter dev for the foreseeable future. Do they even respond to these threads?


Can’t delete apps here either. What the hell, Twitter?


same…apparently no one from twitter wants to take a look at this as its been an issue for almost 2 years…awesome.


same, me too
need somebody help


Same issue. They claim to be “working on it”. Hmm.


same here, hmm looks like there is no point me reporting it then.


can’t dilete apps please help :frowning: