"App Makers and Twitter Feel Strains" - recent NY Times Article


Interesting article on the NY times site recently:

"“These applications were what got people into using Twitter,” said T. J. Luoma, who builds Twitter apps in Gallipolis, Ohio. “Now Twitter can afford to say to third-party developers, ‘We don’t need you anymore,’ but they did need them before.”

Other developers say Twitter is chilling the innovation that was vital to its early growth.

“They finally codified the sentiment that the experimentation phase for Twitter is mostly over and a lot of the innovations now are going to be coming from Twitter Inc.,” said Eric Mill, a developer for the Sunlight Foundation in Washington, who built an app for tracking Congressional Twitter posts.

But Mr. Sarver said Twitter’s message was the opposite — Twitter welcomes developers to build real businesses on Twitter, but wants them to follow Twitter’s guidelines. To ease developers’ worries, Twitter has been advising them on which types of apps to build and which to avoid."

Thanks @Rsarver for making an effort to communicate with us developers and ease our worries. Dev.twitter.com is proving to be a good resource.