App list is limited


I have a lot of apps created under a single account however I am not able to see a full list of my apps. Is this a bug?

Apps Missing from List in Application Managment

How many Twitter apps have you created under a single account? How many do you see?


Over 50. The app list seems to cut off at 50.



We’re facing the same issue. We have over 50 apps and whilst we can create more, they are cut off from the list showing at so we can’t get back in to those apps to change any settings / see the keys etc.

Please can you advise asap?

Thank you



I am having this issue as well. I counted 50 apps in my list. Is this some paging issue that needs to be resolved on Twitter’s end?


Second thread I find about this problem with no solution.
We are having this exact problem.
Any response about this?