App is gone from page


Hello a few hours ago our app logged many Twitter errors with status code 32 “Could not authenticate you” across multiple Twitter handles. We tried to get more info from our application registration page at, but strangely enough our app is completely gone! This directly impacts all our customers include several enterprise customers. Can someone please check this and restore our app ASAP? Our App ID is 1846818. @andypiper


@andypiper this is emergency situation for us, anyone from your team is looking into this and restore our app?


Hello @kevincyu unfortunately I’ve been on vacation for the past 10 days. Please do not tag individual Twitter staff in posts on the forums, we have different schedules and this does not help you or us, regardless of how urgent or emergency your situation may seem. Commercial partners on our enterprise plans have access to direct support channels.

In cases like this, I strongly recommend that you check the email inbox associated with the account and application to ensure that our team has not already been trying to contact you. I’d suggest checking junk/spam filters as well.

Ultimately, we’ve stated many times that we cannot help with, or comment on, individual apps via these forums, for privacy and operational reasons. If you have a specific need to contact us on an individual app, you MUST use our platform support channel and provide detailed information about your issue. You should also promptly respond to any and all automated emails that come back, to ensure that your case remains open.

Thank you.

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