App install card query


I am interested in creating an app install card but i just had a few questions first. I would like to know how i could refine the target market the app install request is sent to, for example could i send it to a particular age and gender? I would also like to know could i target people with a particular interest ie do they follow a certain person

Thanks for your time



As it stands now, adding the card means it will appear on every URL tweeted, and anyone who sees the tweet (regardless of their targeting) will see it.

As a promoted tweet, you can increase the reach and do more selective targeting. More info here:


Thanks for the answer mate was helpful.

I have just one more question. I was wondering if your SDK could confirm the downloads came form twitter it wouldn’t matter if they are paid install or organic installs from twitter ?




How to create app install button in tweet? We couldn’t find any guide Could you please help us?