App for a special list


Hi all,

is it allowed to develop a mobile “client” app which provide just a
single list. This list would contain e.g just celebrity people.

When the user opens the app he should not logged in
he could directly read the timeline. So he would not have the
ability to retweet and so on. It would just be a news stream from
a special amount of people.(celebrrities,comedians and so on…)

Is it possible to use the twitter api for this purpose.

best regards


Sure, you could make the app use just public API methods without any use of a access token or user context.

However, we’d strongly encourage you to still follow our Display Guidelines and additionally offer at least links to Twitter Web Intents for common actions that should accompany a tweet like reply, retweet, and favorite. By including the links, you give the user the option to do with the tweets as they see fit, even if your application doesn’t support authentication.