app_event_tag and line_item primary_web_event_tag field


In order to support conversion optimization, we are planning on adding support for the primary_web_event_tag field on line item to our server.

For many campaign objectives, it seems like the primary_web_event_tag should be one of the events returned by this endpoint ~

For APP_INSTALL and APP_ENGAGEMENT campaign objectives, it seems like the primary_web_event_tag is not a web event. Its an app event. So, for those campaigns, it seems like we should enable users to choose from the list provided by this endpoint ~

Is this correct, or is there another field on line item or on some other entity where I can specify the app_event_tag for campaigns with app-related objectives?



Let me clarify that web event tags and app event tags are definitely different things used in different campaign objectives.

Primary web event tag is also called “Key conversion tag” in documentation / announcements (like and only relates to website direct response campaigns. Setting that is simply setting the ID of the tag from web_event_tags that the user wants to designate as the most important conversion tag (for tracking conversion success), it is not a special ID and is simply an ID of one of the web_event_tags.

For app_event_tags, optimizing simply involves that conversion tracking partner tool has been integrated with the account and app tags have been set up. You can try to hit the account features endpoint to ensure that the account has conversion tracking ability:

You can set up “Optimized Action Bidding” by setting bid_unit to app_installs and charge_by to app_clicks. Conversion tracking integration is required for CPI bidding and strongly recommended for Optimized Action Bidding.




Thanks for the clarity of your response and huge amount of details.