App download endpoint returns 404 error



We get 404 error from this app download endpoint.<ad_account_id>/cards/app_download/<card_id>

Here is error message:

{“errors”:[{“code”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Card xxxx was not found for Account xxxxxxx”,“parameter”:“card_id”}],“request”:{“params”:{“card_type”:“app_download”,“card_id”:“xxxx”,“account_id”:“xxxxxxx”}}}

I retrieve card_id from the correct ad_account_id, and I can see the card from this url correctly,<ad_account_id>/<card_id>

so not sure why I get 404 permission error. Is there any permission set for this ad account?
Thank you for the help!


@Makoto875176881: Please provide the full request and response, with account and entity IDs. As our Guidelines for Reporting Issues states, it’s okay to share account IDs, line item IDs, card IDs, etc.