App Developer Access



Good morning,

I have had my application for access to the App development for some time now. Having read similar threads it appears i may have missed an email?!

Could my application please be reviewed again? I simply need to renew my site login API following the changes by Twitter earlier this year.

Twitter @munisiacs

Many thanks


Hi @munisiacs - we sent you a follow-up email on 7/3/2018. This might have come through to your Junk or Spam folders. Please respond to this email, in as much detail as possible, in order for your application to move forward.

Let us know if you can no longer find this email.


Hi Aurelia

Many thanks for your response, unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to locate the email sent to me in July. Would it be possible to resend a version please?

Many thanks


Hey @munisiacs,

I just requested that your agent resend this email. I will private message you the email address that you should expect this email at.


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