App deep-linking in cards not working for approved site


Not sure why/if this could relevant, but the tags for app deep-linking were added after the site was approved for cards a long time.

Here is an example of a tweet that should show the “open in app” link but always shows “view on web” instead:

the twitter meta tags are as follows:

I’m unable to see the “open in app” link when the app is installed, or the “install app” when it is not.



Hi Mario, were you able to solve this issue?


I have the same problem.


Hey Amila,

Try putting ‘id’ in front of your iphone/ipad id.



Hi V-Ken Chin,
The twitter:app:id:iphone tag info set already, but still no “open in app”.

For more information please see below.

Help me plz!


how implement deep linking in iphone


Hope this helps!


Hello @rchoi
my page set these information ~

but always show "View on web"... could you help me?


Hi amilaLin,

If you do not provide a country, then we assume the US App Store. Try adding this line (assuming Taiwan is the correct store):


Hi @jbulava ,
thank you very much!
it’s work.