App DAU dropped to 10% since 2018/2/6



I am a team member of iOS App 抖音短视频(Top 1 of App Store China, Bundle ID: ). We use Fabric for crash log collections. It worked fine until the App DAU dropped to 10% on February 6, 2018. The actual DAU is around 20,000,000.

I checked the code related with Fabric, and found the latest modification is about 3 months ago.
I don’t know what happened actually. Could you help investigate this case?What else can I do to diagnose this?

The DAU graph is below:

From the response of Crashlytics setting interface, I found ““sampling_rate”: 10,”, which is un-normal.


Per this announcement, Fabric support moved to StackOverflow in April 2017. We are unable to assist you here as Fabric is no longer a Twitter product.

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