App Custom Schemes frustration!



I’m trying to use “app deep links” so that tweets open an app to specific content. I have followed all the tutorials about setting up the app to recognize URL schemes, and added an App Card to the website. The card validator seems to say everything is good, and that the website is whitelisted.

If I include a link to the website, I do see the App card show up and a prompt to install the app. (yay!)

But I can’t find any information now on how to use the custom url schemes. How do I post a tweet that includes a link that uses the URL scheme? I tried just adding my custom URL to a tweet, but it doesn’t get treated as a URL and on the mobile device it doesn’t open up the app.


PS – my first time on the forums. Sorry if I’ve used the wrong form, or template.

URL affected:

Troubleshooting steps tried already:


I reviewed all the info I could find on the topic. Perhaps I don’t understand how the custom schemes are intended to be used…

I thought they were meant to be used in tweets, so that if one was tweeted, it would support taking people directly to the app.

Now I’m wondering if they are meant to be included in the app cards on the website? Instead of trying to tweet the custom scheme, perhaps they are placed on the pages, and you would tweet the (standard) webpage URL, which then automagically re-routes to the app via the deep link?


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