App Creation Trouble


I am working in a new app, but I can’t get Twitter credentials. When I try to register a new app, the form says that I need register my phone number, when register my phone in my account the SMS never arrive (I try different carriers), if I try to enter a support ticket ( the email field is disabled.

It is possible integrate apps with Twitter outside of US?

Thanks for your help.


Hey @MaxRCruz,

Yes, Twitter and Twitter Kit via Fabric can used in many, many countries. The issue you’re facing is on the Fabric Twitter Kit dashboard? If so, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

If not, can you clarify a bit more about what you’re trying to do and where?


Hi @bonnell

The trouble was just with some carriers in Colombia that not receives SMS from Twitter. I could register the app with another phone number from a friend.

It would be great if Twitter implement some fallback when the SMS fails.

Regards and thanks for you response.


Thanks @MaxRCruz,

There should be an option to receive a call when the SMS has failed to be received. If you try once more, let me know if you see an option to resend or get a call with the code.