App Cards showing on Desktop?



We implemented app cards for deeplinking support in both our iOS and Android apps. However tweets that originated from and viewed from a PC desktop show the iOS App store card rating and summary. This seems counterintuitive. I was under the impression App Cards would only be shown to the corresponding user-agents OR within the matching native twitter app.

I presume we cannot selectively omit the app card meta tags on our side according to user-agent since Twitter caches the URL meta content for 7-days.

For example, the following tweet: was made from a PC Desktop and even when viewed from a PC desktop, it always shows the iOS app card. The app cards are also showing up in the timeline view in the expanded state. One of the problems with this is that all our tweets now look the same.

And in the above tweet example… why would iOS be shown instead of Android? Is it simply that the iOS meta tags come before the android meta tags?


  1. Why are app cards showing on Desktop for non-matching user-agent? (For example, viewing from a PC shows iOS app card)
  2. Can we support native deeplinks without showing the app card (and app store summary) in every tweet?
  3. On desktop, why is iOS App Card shown instead of Android? Is it simply the ordering of the meta tags on the page (iOS is first)?


This is strange, as I’m not seeing the app install card prompt in Chrome or Safari on the desktop. I do see the iOS app store install prompt in the iOS Twitter client in the detail view. Is this consistent for you on a range of browsers, or is there a specific setup that triggers this?


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