App cards approved but not displayed



I applied for Twitter app card validation for my website (, and received an e-mail from Twitter saying “
We’ve activated the app card for”, within a minute, which is strange.

Twitter Card Validator says “* approved” when I enter an app URL from my website, and everything seems ok. But the app card doesn’t show up when I tweet something from my website.

Here is a link to a tweet where app card should appear but doesn’t :

Here’s a test url :

Please could you help me with this issue ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Sorry for the trouble.

In this case, the test URL goes directly to the iphone app page. You instead want to have it render meta tags, as such:

Also, when i go directly to I get a blank page.


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for you reply.
Our website is currently under active development and all features will be developed progressively.
We will try again when our site will be more complete and does not redirect directly to the app store.

Thank you again for your response.