App card type not available in validator tool


I’m trying to request for approval one of my apps using the new app card type, but it’s not available yet in the validator tool.


Same here! I was all stoked, but it’s not available yet.


Same here. I have the mark up on our pages, but am getting told that the “app” card type is invalid.


Mee too!


Same here!


Hi guys - the validator is not yet set up to address and test the markup for the App Card type, because it’s a special use case. We’re working on getting that implemented into the tool over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, we’re working on getting a more intuitive error response so that it’s not so confusing. Thanks!


@jasoncosta: While you get the tool up and running, how can we apply to get our use cases approved? I’ve added the mark up to the homepage for our iPhone.


Hi @jasoncosta: How can i apply for a special approval for our app? I already have the markup ready on our app homepage pointing for our iPhone app (


Hi @jasoncosta! Thanks a lot for answer us. I know it’s a special use case, but how can we apply for that special selection?


What’s the status on this?