App card shows only with the account i validate it with



when trying to share a link as app card via twitter (from my app) it works fine with the user that i used to validate the card but not with others.
is there anything related to user accounts when trying to share a twitter card ?



I think it takes take to validate the card.
because after some time the card occurs in the shared post.
is there any solution for iOS to validate the card immediately when sharing the post ?


Can anyone explain what is the role of the card validator. []
is it only for testing purpose or it validates your cards/link ?
Because once i do it with an account everything works fine.
The issue how can you make it if you share cards from iOS devices…as it is in my case.


Hi @mejdi_dingua, although you should not rely on it, the validator can trigger a cache refresh, which is why you may see you cards activate after validation.

For your iOS app I would highly recommend implementing App Cards via Twitter Kit in Fabric. You don’t need a web site URL which makes it much simpler and faster. You can find help with this in the Fabric forum.


Hi, @ joncipriano

it would be beneficial for me to use twitterkit.
but this will not work with my requirements, as i need to share AppCard via web page with dynamic parameters that i need to redirect user to a certain page in my app.
Twitterkit doesn’t provide this, it only helps to share the App details.


Got it. Thanks for the feedback. Deep link support would be a good addition to the Twitter Kit App Card.

cc: @bonnell