App card showing in mobile app but not on browser


i suucesfully whitlisted and get approval of twitter app card and succsfully post on twitter but the partcular app card image will not showing on browser in twitter it only shows the hastag text but at the same time if i check the paticualr posted tweet in twitter mobile native it shows both cardimage and the given hastag text… plz help


As the troubleshooting topic says, we cannot help without either a URL, and/or example Tweets.

                            final TwitterSession session = TwitterCore.getInstance().getSessionManager()
                            final Card card = new Card.AppCardBuilder(getActivity())
                            final Intent intent = new ComposerActivity.Builder(getActivity())
                                    .hashtags("#nature" )
                            startActivityForResult(intent, TWEETER_REQ_CODE);

Hello #andypiper ,i am using this code for sharing with twitter app card…i successfully shared the post and could be able to see my post on mobile native app with app card attached but same post when i see on desktop browser on twitter the app card is not showing only the hastags which i given above "#nature"is shown…plz see the url:- but at the same time im mobile twitter app it shows both hastags and twitter app card…like i am attching screen short plz see


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Hey @ashish4721,

You are correct that this card will only show up when browsing Twitter on an app and not in a browser.



hey @bonnell…thanks for your reply…just want to know is there any other twitter card which i can use for both browser and twitter native app… and if it is not possible to see card on both browser and application is there any other way i can share image and text with twitter and get tweet id of particular post… i also used this particular code for sharing image and text…

Intent i = new TweetComposer.Builder(getActivity())
startActivityForResult(i, TWEETER_REQ_CODE)

but in this case i m not getting tweet id of that particular post…any help will be really appreciated…


Hey @ashish4721,

Currently only the App Card through Fabric will be displayed in apps. You could look into the regular Cards platform for your own card creation:

I am not an expert in that area though!

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