App Card - show rating from App Store for all versions, not only the latest one


Hello there,

is there any way for the App Card to show the app’s rating from App Store for all versions? We are pushing out new updates so it would be really nice to show the overall rating and the number of ratings, not just the most recent update…



Hi @tadeaspetak, I believe the AppStore by default shows the rating for the latest version. Right now, there is no option to pull the “all versions” rating into the card. However, this is a very valid question and will take this as feedback and as a feature request. Thanks!


Hi @joncipriano, cheers a lot for your very prompt answer! I do believe it would be a useful feature not only for us and it would be much appreciated if it could appear in of the future releases of the Cards API.

Could I kindly ask to very briefly look over the twitter tags in the ipiit site? We have been using the App Card for about a week now with well over 10 tweets a day and still do not get any data in the Twitter analytics. Since it should not be the volume, I assume it has to do with the tags… Thanks!


Hi @tadeaspetak, your tags look fine. The card is also rendering fine. You also included the twitter:site parameter which enables card analytics.

This is a bit out of scope of this forum, but your Tweets may not be getting the amount of exposure you need. Besides using different social strategies to help you gain more followers and engagement I would suggest the “App Install Card” you can create at This will allow you to promote your Tweet to your core audience. Within the dashboard there are other avenues to get assistance/help.

If it make sense for your use case, you can also integrate Fabric into your app so your users can share deep linked content from the app. Users may be more willing to engage with Tweets from their friends. Hit the Fabric forum or for details.

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