App card removes URL when at the end of a tweet



App cards sometimes remove the URL from a tweet. Its doesn’t do it every tweet. I have only been able to replicate it when the URL is at the end of the tweet and there is no text after the URL. Its only affects its when viewed from the mobile app. This behavior would make sense if the user had the mobile app installed and twitter assumed they would just open the app, but it happens when the user doesn’t have the app installed. Having the link is nice if they just want to check the service out, but don’t want to download the app. Any ideas why the behavior isn’t consistent?

Here is a tweet where the URL is gone.
Here is a similar tweet, but the URL does show up.


@jeremiahwk cards are in an evolving state right now. You may notice experiments being run. There are quite a few inconstancies while data is gathered that will help determine what approach is best for the web and mobile. The below is in regards to mobile only.

The link is removed to give the Tweet a simpler appearance. This is inline with other cards types. If the URL is in the middle of text it is assumed the URL is giving some textual context to the Tweet and it is retained.

Where you may see other inconstancies is in the timeline. The AppCard URL remains in the timeline no matter what. This is because AppCards are not expanded in the timeline and the user needs something to click on. Other cards like the Summary Card are expanded in the timeline and the link is removed in timeline and in details view.

Are Twitter Cards really so limited or have we misunderstood?

@joncipriano thanks for the response. If the app is installed then I understand the assumption that the user will just open the app, so removing the URL makes sense. The removal of the URL, when the user doesn’t have the app installed is odd. The app card creates a use case where the only option is, open the app store, then download the app. Then go back into the tweet to be redirected to the correct portion of the app. Having the URL in there is a good so the user doesn’t have to commit downloading the app. They can just open the link, see some of the content and then download the app if the content is that interesting. We still need to be able to share content, not just that we have an iOS / Android app.