App card on Twitter profile



I have tried to search on how to do this but believe it’s done per selection and required is an iOS and android app, we had both of these (just launched about 10 days ago) and on app is the official site of West Ham United

I have once done a paid ad on Twitter, if this is not enough then it’s something we could look into but long term we intend on doing more advertising via Twitter once we have an income from the app!

As for fabric, am not 100% sure what that is but if wouldn’t mind pointing me in direction I can look into it

Hopefully we can meet criteria for the app card as really does look impressive on profiles and feel this would help us massively with our app!


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hi there - the app spotlight on Profiles is still a beta and is not broadly available, it looks like you’ve investigated the background though :slight_smile:

Does your app use Fabric or Twitter Kit at all?

Unfortunately right now we do not have a formal process for the app spotlight feature so I can’t offer this to you via the forums but we can look into how this might work more broadly for app developers.


Hi Andy,

No we dont but to be honest we used a developer to create our apps so could never be 100& sure!!

Thanks for your reply anyway, hopefully it does roll out or we can get is somehow as looks impressive on accounts using it and really would help us promote the app!