App card not visible when composed with Twitter Kit from within an iOS app




I’ve added the Twitter SDK using Fabric. Everything is set up correctly, no errors or warnings. The app card is generated using TWTRCardConfiguration and CMTWTRConposerViewControlller. The preview is showing the app card with an image and App Store button. After tapping the Tweet button, the action is successful, -composerDidSucceed:withTweet: is being called. However, going to the twitter app/website, there is no app card whatsoever. Only the text.

Am I missing some validation step or something?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @robbdimitrov,

Just to be sure you’ve applied for and gotten permission to display these and are following all requirements listed here?


Hi @bonnell,

Thanks for the fast reply.

Looks like we’re breaching the point for user-generated, not purely promotional imagery.


Ahh, that could be the issue. Let me know how it goes once you make changes there.