App card not showing



My app card was working but now it’s not showing on my tweets. It also validates OK. Can anybody suggest what is going wrong?


Seems to be working for me when I click into the Tweet detail view?


Hi Andy, it’s still not there for me. Attached is a screenshot from my
android phone from a tweet earlier today. I get the same on desktop too.
The url is displayed instead of the card. This is the same on my pinned
tweet but if I look back across my tilelime I can see it in older tweets.



Unable to see the screenshot. I Tweeted a link last week and the card shows on web and mobile for me (and did at the time as well). There’s a chance the rendering may have just been slower on a few Tweets, I suppose. Remember that cards only show up in Twitter’s own apps, they are unfortunately not available in third party apps.



Hi Andy, here is the screen shot from my email which was taken from the official Android twitter app

I get the same result viewing via Google Chrome


It looks like you’re also attaching an image to your Tweet? You cannot have an image attachment as well as having a card displayed. You have to choose one or the other.


Thanks Andy, that will be the problem.