App card not appearing


Hi there,

I’m trying to get my app cards working for posts on our site.

When i run the post url through the validator its saying that our domain is not approved

validator response -> * not approved

However if I test my homepage url on the validator tool its approved

validator response -> * approved

Is this normal behavior? Could this be why my app card is not working?


I’m seeing the “Request Approval” button when I put the URL in the tool:

Please press the Request Approval button, and fill out the form. It should validate and approve soon after.


Hi Ryan,

Yes but surely i should only have to approve my domain once (which I did months ago and is approved)? Not every different slug that I create.


Hi @KissFMUK, you only need to approve your domain once per card type. You were approved for summary and summary_large_image cards back in April, but it looks like your app card approval was rejected. I’m receiving sporadic timeout errors so I believe your server is loading too slow for the crawler. However, I’ve vetted the card myself and manually approved your domain for the app card. If you see rendering issues though, the timeouts are probably the issue and should be looking into. If you have any other questions, please let me know.