App Card no effect


Is there some step I am missing to get App Cards to work? I have a page hosted here: with the metadata tags set, but it behaves like a normal link when I tweet it. I even tried using the meta values from a page which I know has the page card working and it still does not behave like an app card.



It doesn’t look like we’re received a request through the validator. Click on the “Validate & Apply” button to send it our way.



If we have to have our pages validated by Twitter than the App Card solution is not going to work for us. We want to put tags on thousands of pages with a content tag that deep links into our app indicating what HTML page it is from. This is how we were going to implement deep linking via twitter. If every one of these pages needs to be approved by Twitter this solution is not going to work.

Do you know why the pages have to be submitted, validated, and approved by Twitter? Is this for Twitter’s server performance–so it can do a URL lookup to decide whether to display the App Card, rather than to fetch the URL and examine the meta tags for every shared link?

Thanks for your help!


Understood. Would love to learn more. Lets chat offline; can you message me @rchoi?


If you follow me I can direct message you.