App Card domain approved, URL still validates but Card is not displayed in the tweets



This url validates in the validator tool but no card is shown when tweeting it :
Anyone had the same issue or could help me investigate ?

Thanks a lot for your time,



Same issue here. works, but doesn’t.


Any luck guys?


Yes, mine started working. I never heard from anyone at twitter, so I don’t know if they fixed something on the back end, or if it was just a matter of time/caching/etc.



We get the red dot, yet everything else has a green dot, the domain is approved and we get the preview. We also see the following as part of the preview {{star_rating}}/5.0 stars - {{num_ratings}} ratings

Tweeting the following doesn’t work for us…

Any help would be gratefully received. Nice Apps btw!


We are having the same issue for our Twitter Cards. They were working and around the end of June – stopped working.