App Card Approved, Website Validated, App Card Not Displayed In Tweet


Hi everyone

I applied today to approve for an App Card

It was approved by email very quickly

On my index.html Page I have the following Meta Data

When I used the Validator everything is approved

Here is my Screenshot

  1. If I include my URL it is ignored

  2. Even if I give my App Store URL

It is ignored

I would be grateful for any suggestions



On this forum, HTML tags must be put between <html> and </html> tags.

Your app card works fine for me:


Cool. It seems there is a delay between Twitter issuing the email saying App Card is approved and it actually going live on the Twitter Platform. It works great for me now. Thanks.


When I post a Tweet I have the option to add a picture. Does this disable the App Link

This Tweet does not contain a picture

This Tweet does

I would like to have a Tweet Message
I would like to show a big image to grab attention
I would like an app link

Is there a work around.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it


If you attach an image to your tweet, it will get priority and the card won’t be displayed.
To grab attention, if you are an advertiser with access to you can create a special app card there.
If you don’t have access to it, the only way is to try with app cards, summary large image cards, images with direct links to the app stores in the tweet…