App can't access user's texts to send keyword


I’m a novice app builder so please be patient. I’m trying to build my first app, (text app), and install MOPUB SDK for keyword capture:

"You can pass keywords from your app to MoPub as a comma-separated list in the ad view. They should be in the format of key value pairs (e.g. m_age:24). You can use any characters except for “&” and “=”.

MPAdView *adView
= [[MPAdView alloc] initWithAdUnitId:@“AD_UNIT_ID” size:MOPUB_BANNER_SIZE];
adView.delegate = self;
adView.keywords = @“m_age:24,m_gender:m,m_marital:single”;
[adView loadAd];"

So I thought the MOPUB SDK would capture all keywords in my app, but it’s not working right. I wanted it so when my users are texting their friends, and their friends are texting back, the words in the text that match the MOPUB’s list of keywords would be captured dynamically and then sent to MOPUB. This is how it is supposed to work right, or am I not reading the code properly I thought it was a code problem with my app because I can’t even see my app user’s keywords being captured. Now I’m thinking there is something inside the application authentication process that would be blocking MOPUB?

Need help, confused,
mediaguy/novice app builder!


@mediaSEOguy just saw your support email come through. We just replied there to give a quick overview of our keyword targeting but let us know if you have any questions and we can answer them via email through our alias.