App being removed 10 minutes after creation


Hi all.

When I create an app I am able to use it for about 10 minutes and it then it ceases to exist. I’m using it to scrape for a particular hashtag and using the php oauth library.

My steps are these:

  1. Create the app.
  2. Get the access tokens.
  3. I then make a couple of queries like :
    $content = $connection->get(“search/tweets”, array(“q” => “programming”));
  4. It works the first couple of times and then I get a message saying “Could not authenticate you.”
  5. I go back to my app page to see what’s going on and it’s no longer there. (See for example :

What’s going on? Am I doing something wrong?



I’m getting the exact same thing I thought I was doing something wrong as it’s been a while since I’ve done this but like you I get about one test out of the app from the CMS I’m using then errors and when I go back to check my app on twitter it says I have none!


Glad it’s not just me! Mysteriously the first app that I created how now come back and works consistently. Going to have to monitor this. Have yours come back?


I have the same issue and this is hugely annoying. I created like 5 apps and they all disapeared.


I have the same issue here. Extremly annoying.


Confirmed. Same issue for me.


Yep, same here. Created two apps, both removed within about 10 minutes.


same here…anyone got news on this issue?


I just reported the exact same issue on this forum !


Same problem here :frowning:


Same problem here. Annoying.


Same problem here. Any solution?


All of the apps I attempted to create on Friday have now appeared. That means I’m all set, but others may still be having problems creating new apps.