App approval



Hey there,

would it be possible to whitelist app (id: 14137333)?


Roman @ operam


Hi @romanrostar,

You already have app 13340867 whitelisted - is there a reason for getting a 2nd app whitelisted?


Hi Carmen,

yeah, we would like to improve integration with Twitter in our product. Using the same app token on production and for development proves to be unfeasible for us (we’re hitting rate limits on Twitter API as is on our production setup). Thus, we want to use this second app for development purposes.

Lukas @ operam


Hi @polakluk, you should use a new token per account since rate limits are on the user token level. Are you using 1 user token per ad account?


Hi @carmenjyuen, not yet. Indeed, we’re using one token to work with multiple ad accounts (esp to fetch reports from them). While we are aware of limitations this approach brings us and updating this is on our current agenda, having another app approved for us to continue in our development would greatly helped us.



Hey @carmenjyuen, thanks for the reply. As per documentation we have opted for app only authentication because it made sense for us in the context of our app at that time. As @polakluk mentioned, we have other oath flows for client token registration in our development pipeline (it should land in our product before the end of the year), but in the context of our current legacy app we could use a separate application for ease of development (use it in a staging environment so that we don’t clash with the current pipeline). I couldn’t find anything in the docs that’d suggest it’s not allowed to register multiple apps that are using the Ads API so I hope it won’t be a problem.

Thanks again,


Hi @romanrostar,

I’ll make the exception for you, but please keep only your development activity on that new app.


That sounds awesome @carmenjyuen, thanks. It’ll really help us to move away from the current flow faster.