App access to Pull Twitter Data



Hi Team,

I have an issue with previous to pull the data so I have created a new app. Can you please help us to get a proper access for below App id.

App Id - 13760097

App Name - PCH_Twitter_CVO_SocialData

Let me know if you need anything else.



@macy_poc: What was the issue you experienced with your previous app?


@juanshishido Issue with API Access

We are getting below error,

Error: Twitter-Ads API Error: The account does not have the feature REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS
message: ‘The account does not have the feature REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS’,
parameter: ‘’ } ] }

Not sure, it is because of App is not properly configured or some other issue,


That’s not an app issue. Your existing app is fine. As the error message states, the account does not have access to this feature. Take a look at the GET accounts/:account_id/features documentation.

This endpoint serves to aid API ecosystem development by improving visibility into client access to beta releases. API developers can not request access to features on behalf of an advertiser. These requests can only be made by the advertiser to their Twitter account manager.

Error - Account Id is not Found

Based on the topic name, it sounds like you’re interested in retrieving stats. Please take a look at our Analytics documentation to get started. You can, for example, use the GET /1/stats/accounts/:account_id endpoint to accomplish this.


@juanshishido We want to pull Campaign Performance Data. If Account does not have an permission then do you know how we can set up permission? Is it something we have ti configure into Awitter Ad Manager Account?


@macy_poc: Please provide an account ID, campaign ID, and dates for which you wish to retrieve campaign analytics. With this, we can provide an example of how to fetch this data.


@juanshishido I can provide you only Account Id, dont have campaign Id. There are 4 different Account Ids are there and we would like to pull the data, impression-clicks-spend-cam id-cam name-tweet-retweet-replies-CPC-Video Views-so many others…

“APP_NAME”: “PCH_Twitter_CVO”
“APP_ID”: “13664538”,
“ACCOUNT_ID”: “18ce53ur334, 18ce546yxqa, 2gtf37, jge4cq”,
“OWNER_ID”: “3226438851”


@macy_poc: Here is an example stats request using the GET /1/stats/accounts/:account_id endpoint:

$ twurl -H "/1/stats/accounts/18ce53ur334?entity=ACCOUNT&entity_ids=18ce53ur334&start_time=2017-01-01&end_time=2017-01-02&granularity=TOTAL&metric_groups=ENGAGEMENT&placement=ALL_ON_TWITTER" | jq
  "data_type": "stats",
  "time_series_length": 1,
  "data": [
      "id": "18ce53ur334",
      "id_data": [
          "segment": null,
          "metrics": {
            "impressions": null,
            "follows": null,
            "retweets": null,
            "likes": null,
            "engagements": null,
            "replies": null
  "request": {
    "params": {
      "start_time": "2017-01-01T05:00:00Z",
      "segmentation_type": null,
      "entity_ids": null,
      "end_time": "2017-01-02T05:00:00Z",
      "country": null,
      "placement": "ALL_ON_TWITTER",
      "granularity": "TOTAL",
      "entity": "ACCOUNT",
      "platform": null,
      "metric_groups": [

In this example, because you did not specify any campaign, line item, or promoted Tweet IDs, we are requesting data for the account (entity=ACCOUNT). We specify start and end time, the type of data we’d like to see (metric_groups=ENGAGEMENT), and the placement.

Hope this helps.