APIv1.1 Tweets have stopped working


Our background is that since 2010 we have pushed emergency messages to a number of accounts for people in South East Australia. Each account is situated in a geographic area and we have approx 30 of these. We send a lot of messages but to different accounts which assists us in avoiding limits pretty easily.

Today at 5am local time we commenced receiving error 403 errors and whilst the documentation states we should receive a statement (i assume the “response”) about why we received a 403, the response is blank. We checked our app permissions and that it was active however we are at a loss of why we are receiving these. We are using EPITwitter (PHP) and have tested this and another app on three separate machines in case of IP limitations.

Thanks in anticipation


All fixed. By reading the top bar on this page tells the story …
api.twitter.com now requires SSL/TLS for all connections as of today, January 14th, 2014”

adding a single “s” to http fixed the issue.


this morning we have no tweets on our website ; http://www.ifls.net

can you help ?

Thank, you


adding a single “s” to http fixed the issue.

What can we do it? Thanks


Perform a search for http://api.twitter.com If you find any instances of this string, change these to https://api.twitter.com (added “s”) and it should work again.

Three things for Twitter that could be useful for the next significant change

  1. Instead of just responding with a 403, use the response element to say that http has been removed and you need to use https for the first month or two
  2. January is when a lot of people is away on holidays.
  3. Please publicise this further or have a extremely limited email update service.



We announced these changes more than a month ago and tweeted several times between this period in @twitterapi account. The best way to follow changes is following our account and keeping an eye at our discussion forum, blog and calendar.

Completely agree with number 3. We are working to provide this in the future.