APIs for getting a Moment's Tweets?


Are there APIs for:

  • Getting all of the Moments that I’ve created?
  • Getting all of the Tweets that I’ve bucketed into each Moment?


Hi @kaycebasques - there are no API endpoints that provide this data, in the standard, premium or enterprise tiers of access.

Sorry to disappoint you, but from a developer platform standpoint this is not possible, and I’m not current aware of plans to add this to our roadmap.

Something that sometimes helps to inform future plans is a more detailed description of the use case and application you have in mind; we’re always keen to understand how and why developers use the platform and what you might be missing out on.


Thanks for the response.

I manage the @ChromeDevTools account.

I use Moments to organize tweets according to what feature they’re related to.

I want to analyze these tweets for sentiment, number of impressions, etc., in order to help us prioritize what docs are top priority, what features the product team should focus on, etc.

Hence, I’ve got a lot of Moments, and a lot of tweets within those moments.


Thanks for the feedback and I will pass this along, but right now we have nothing to share. Thanks for the idea!