Hi, I am trying to create and display a thumbnail on the latest tweet posted to me using a browser extension. I found there are some sample codes out there that calling external functions/classes (could be api) such as ProfileCardStats, ProfileNav-item, ProfileCanopy-nav, etc when integrating to twitter. Please advise whether they are part of twitter api and where can I obtain such detail twitter api documentation. Thanks.


None of the things you’ve mentioned are part of the Twitter API. You can see the complete Twitter API documentation at dev.twitter.com.

Images embedded in Tweets will be part of the entities object inside the Tweet JSON. There’s no API support for images from Twitter cards (link previews) at this time.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the information.

May I confirm whether a URL posted in twitter will always be shorten with “
https://t.co/XXXXXXXXXX” even though such URL is already shorten as “
http://bit.ly/YYYYYYY” ?

Hope to hear from you soon.




Yes, all URLs posted on Twitter are ultimately passed through our t.co shortener.