API v1 Retirement Discussion


Having trouble migrating to API v1.1? Have a question about the effect of v1 retirement on your or your favorite application? Ask away.

As announced in [node:16293], the v1 REST API will retire on May 7, 2013.

Update: the v1 REST API was retired on June 11th 2013. ^SC

Thanks everyone!


How far ahead of that will requests for elevated access be addressed (either approved or disapproved?)


For me it is not clear what does “non-elevated Streaming API roles” mean ?
Which Users will have access to the Streaming-Api after the 7 May?
And another question. Will the blackout-test include the Basic Auth disable for the stream.twitter.com/*
It would be good if it is so, then wie could test this!



i have Twitter API 20 day before was working fine but now i am getting problem during the Authentication not passing token number etc. and i am getting this message.

Whoa there!

There is no request token for this page. That’s the special key we need from applications asking to use your Twitter account. Please go back to the site or application that sent you here and try again; it was probably just a mistake.

Go to Twitter.

please help me how to solve this


The blackout test will not disable Black Auth on stream.twitter.com – we want to disrupt as few folks as possible with that since the notice has been shorter than the overall API v1 retirement project.

If you connect to stream.twitter.com and have never been awarded a special access role with Twitter (you would know if this is the case), then you must use OAuth to connect to stream.twitter.com. If you have any doubt at all, you should move to OAuth.


Just wanted to make a note about some confusion I had been experiencing with the current documentation.

On the page: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/using-search it has a stamp showing both applicable for API 1 and API 1.1, however in the limits for usage it states it is IP based and links to the old API 1 which then notes it as deprecated. There is no clear distinction regarding the usage in API 1 vs API 1.1.

While I recognize that searches will now require authentication and utilization of the REST API 1.1, it seems the documentation is ambiguous/misguiding on this topic. Is there anyway to get this updated for the sanity of others who might be confused?




I am in the Process of Migrating from Twitter REST API Version 1.0 to Twitter REST API 1.1

From my Point of view and Experience the Rate Limits in the new API VERSION 1.1 are very very low and breaks everything and make every Twitter Application nearly non usable.

As a example in the Version 1.0 i am able to get all my Twitter Friends by calling the function “friends/ids” several times without to hit the actual existing Rate Limits.

Now with the new Twitter REST API VERSION and the very low set Limits i am not able anymore really to get my Twitter Friends because the maximal amount of friends that can be retrieved now is new only 15 Times a 5000 People before it was 360 Times a 5000 People.

I absolute do not understand why Twitter has set the Limits such Low! This is a huge Limitation that will breaks nearly every Twitter application.

Is it possible somehow to Lift Up the Access Limitation for my Personal and for own Use Application so i am able at least to get my Twitter Friends with the new API Version without to hit every time the Limit Rate?

Thanks in advance.


190000 friends / 5000 ids per request = 38 requests which you can do in 45 minutes. That’s pretty good considering how many users it is.


Hi Abraham!
First of all i want thank you a lot for your great twitterauth work.
You have done a great job that is useful to a lot off people including me.

Related to the very low Limits in the new API also criticized by lot of other Developer like here too https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/10644 your tip is in my opinion no solution.

Waiting 45 Minutes to get a List of my Own friends with my Own Application is just no Option as it can not give me a accurate Result. In this 45 Minutes a lot of things can change.

I need a accurate List of my Friends in a few Minutes and not in nearly one Hour!

The new Limits intruduced in the new API Version breaks as you see Application as the Limits are very Low and dont fit with the real Situation of the Twitter Profiles.

Actually the Limits need to be Uplifted and not reduced!
Twitter is a Social Media Website where People Inerconnect with each other.
Limiting this Interconnection kills the meaning of Twiitter as a Social Media Service.


Will http://widgets.twimg.com/j/2/widget.js be affected?


Yes, these widgets will no longer work after May 7, 2013.



Will the http://api.twitter.com/1/users/profile_image/:user_name endpoint be migrated to 1.1 at all?
I’ve found plenty of resources with workarounds but no word from twitter on the matter.


No, it won’t be making a direct appearance in API v1.1. Use users/show or users/lookup (or the results of any user profile data) to determine the current avatar URL for a user instead.


How long will the blackout today last?


As long as an hour.


We are using the 1.1 API with OAuth but are being affected by the blackout. Why is that?


The blackout is not currently underway (still a few hours until it will begin). How are you measuring that you’re being affected by the blackout? The result of the blackout test when it’s underway will just be that API calls to api.twitter.com/1/* and to search.twitter.com/search.* will responded to with a HTTP 410. If you’re seeing any other behavior or HTTP status codes (such as 401s, 403s, 400s, 404s, etc) it’s for some other reason than blackout testing.


Right at 2pm Central time we started getting a 401 error back from Twitter. We didn’t deploy code so we don’t know why it broke. We are using the 1.1 API with OAuth tokens. Your blog entry says: Basic Auth will be disabled on stream.twitter.com/* for all users in non-elevated Streaming API roles. Such requests will receive a HTTP 401 Unauthorized. We strongly recommend all Streaming API users, including those in elevated roles, to migrate to OAuth 1.0A now. So I thought that was why we were being affected, but you say that the blackout hasn’t started. Who can I work with to figure out why our production system is down?

Thank You.


What account are you using to connect with?