API v1 is retired, old timeline widgets are no-longer rendered


Today we [node:18450, title=“retired Twitter API v1.0”], and with it all unauthenticated access to the Twitter API. As a result, support for our old embedded timeline widget (sometimes referred to as the ‘legacy timeline widget’, or ‘goodies widget’) has ended. This widget depended on the unauthenticated API, and we have replaced it with new embedded timelines.

The JavaScript for the old widget code has been updated with a silent stub: all public functions from the TWTR object are exposed and will silently fail, which reduce the impact on any complex script integrations, and prevent unexpected script-level errors. The widget code itself will no-longer render any content in your page. Sites using bundled copies of the widget.js may still render an empty timeline frame, but no Tweets will be displayed.

• If you still had an old widget on your site, you can find a URL to configure a replacement embedded timeline as a warning message in your browser’s developer console, or visit http://twitter.com/settings/widgets to start afresh.

• A reminder that visual design adjustments beyond the default themes can be configured, be sure to see the documentation on advanced customisation of the new widget here: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines#customization

• Sites that dynamically generated widgets for different lists, user accounts, or favourites timelines should also refer to the new Timeline Selection options: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines#timeline-selection

• Integrations that fall outside the features or capabilities of the widgets can [node:10639, title=“use API v1.1”], and refer to our [node:142, title=“display guidelines”] for rendering Tweets.

Thank you to everyone that’s given us feedback and input on the new widgets so far, all of which has helped us prioritise new features over the course of the past six months. It goes without saying that our team continues to work actively on the Twitter for Websites tools. I’m looking forward to building more ways to make it easy and accessible to do interesting things with Tweets and Twitter on the web.



Why eliminate the “join the conversation” widget? Why not update it to run with API v1.1? The current widget offerings are, sorry to say, pretty lame.


Oh… all websites with twitter feed gives error…
I will build my own twitter cause i don’t want to be dependent anymore.

Do you have any idea how much website i must rewrite now… AAAGH


I think the new widget misses two very important visual options:

  1. the loop
  2. the possibility of removing avatars

Any hope to see these coming back in the near future?



I’m wondering why we can’t control the font or font size with the new widget. The legacy version had a CSS-like control that was easy for web designers to implement. Putting (limited) settings in an anchor tag seems to be a step backwards. I’m having trouble making it look appropriate within our current site design.


Now we cannot easily adjust multiple accounts, or more importantly the CSS of a feed as was mentioned above. How do we customize our feeds now with these features removed or hindered?

Is there complete documentation on all CSS code to adjust background color, fonts, width and height, margins, etc.? We need this please for widgets to be effective as they were previously.



Interesting… But i think you took all the good things of the previous one. I’m not against changes but if you’re changing, change to something better and more effective!

I wish i had the loop back again and the possibility of changing the css colors without need to use additional js or css.

Now i’ll have to change all of my customer’s websites… Thank you!


We are begging, pleading with you to allow us to style! Total BS that this option has been taken away from web developers. Did you think this through?


I also have multiple websites with timelines which have no avatars and they all loop in an box with a limited height (32px). Give back those options!
Now it’s impossible to show any tweets due to the design of the sites. Restart the old API!


RIP .twr-tweet-text


In the past few years, we’ve created many sites that had customized (to fit the design) twitter feeds. As of yesterday, the feeds stopped working due to retirement of the API. It seems that the new method requires access to each twitter account, as well as an extremely limited ability styling options.

Really upset with the move and currently in the process of switching Twitter feeds with other social network feeds.


I also have multiple websites with timelines which have no avatars and they all loop in an box with a limited height (32px). Give back those options!
Now it’s impossible to show any tweets due to the design of the sites. Restart the old API!


Ugh thoughtless software developers, not thinking through just how many sites you just made awful with your negligent action. Just say “it’s no longer supported” and keep the API running on another thread. Why would you do something so poorly executed?


Just noticed today that our embedded timeline isn’t display any content. I tried using the configurator to create a new one, that doesn’t work either on the public server. Strangely, it works fine if I preview the page locally. Our site uses Expression Engine, but that hasn’t been a factor in the past. Is implementation different for EE?

Anyone with ideas how to fix this? Please advise ASAP.



any solution?


How to migrate to APIv1.1 ?


There shouldn’t be any issue with Expression Engine, but you should check in the page output that all attributes on the embed code are present; if it’s running through any sanitization or HTML filter it’s conceivable that the widget-id is being discarded. Similarly, ensuring that the widgets.js script is being included will help.

If you can paste a copy of the embed code as it appears in your page output that will help.




I definitely want to also agree there need to be more CSS styling control for us web designers and developers. Fonts, hiding avatars, more size control (why must there be a min and max width and height), hiding the Twitter Name @twitterhandle for every single tweet. Please bring back blogger.js or make this new one better.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your reply. We aren’t using any sanitization or HTML filter.

Viewing the page source this is what I see:

Tweets by @EarthScopeInfo

If I inspect the page using Developer Tools (in Google Chrome), there is some weird stuff which may not be W3C compliant. For example, there are , , and tags inside of an . Maybe that’s part of the problem, not sure whether your script or Expression Engine is adding that stuff, but I assume it’s the script.

The “data-widget-id” isn’t in the output. Also, there is a CSS rule specifying display:none for the . I tried adding the id and changing the CSS in the inspector, but no difference.

I’d attach a screenshot of the code in the inspector, but don’t see how to do so. However, you can look at our site http://earthscope.org

Thanks for your help!



Very disappointed that widget size configurable options taken away. Why are Max-Min size figures forced upon us