API v1 Async Stats



Hi there!

I am currently testing the asyncronous stats endpoints. I managed to POST to the jobs endpoint, poll the jobs endpoint until the url became available and even got the data a number of times.
After I posted the 4th job for the account I am using, the job never stops processing which now holds all the subsequent jobs from completing.
Are there any limits to how many jobs are allowed? Or is the endpoint non functional?

ID of stuck job: 715503217136836608


Hey! Very exciting that you’re testing out the async endpoint already.

From our Analytics Overview page:

asynchronous analytics queries are subject to the following limits:

A maximum of 100 concurrent (queued or processing) asynchronous job queries are permitted per advertiser account
Result files expire 48 hours after the job is successful and the URL is returned
Queries taking over 60 minutes to process with automatically time out.

So you should be able to run other asynchronous stats jobs in parallel with this processing one, and it will not block the others, and should eventually either succeed or time out. However, it would be great if you could provide the advertiser account ID for this stuck job, that would help us further investigate the issue.


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the jobs seem to be still stuck for the account_id even after more than 10 hours and they have not timed out. The id for the afflicted account is 18ce53w5her


Could you retry the same stats query again and let us know if it succeeds now?


Seems to be working today! Thanks for the assistance!