API v1.1 statuses/user_timeline since_id parameter is invalid


Hi all,

Been using API v1.1 to get a user’s timeline, but when I try to use since_id parameter I get an error telling me that since_id parameter is invalid.
According to this page it should be valid:

Any help would be appreciated.



Can you share the type of since_id values you’re passing to this method? I can’t reproduce.


Fixed it.
Apparently you can’t send 0 as a since_id value anymore. We used to do this in v1 when a feed hadn’t ever been fetched.
Sorted a work around now.


It’s best when working with the identifiers to consider them strings rather than numbers that can be manipulated with math.


Hi WillowSV-Devs…how to use version v1.1 ? To get user timeline does it require authentication ? In version 1 I used to hit the URL and fetch JSON data through Java program. Now where should i provide authentication. Can you help me with some code


i am lost hw to use this wow


Is there any way to get all the statuses of a particular ‘screen_name’? If not, how many statuses can I download and how to do that?


200 is the max number. I’m using ruby gem https://github.com/sferik/twitter and the user_timeline function does that