API v1.1, retweeted_status.favorited flag is always returning false


I have favorited a retweeted tweet. When I do Favorite list, the API returns the original tweet, which is OK. But is there a way to find out whether I had favorited the retweet?

I was thinking of using the retweeted_status.favorited API. However this API always return false, even though the favorite/list is showing original tweet as favorited.


Embedded perspectival fields within objects (such as tweets within retweets or users within retweets) are not necessarily reliable sources of data. It’s best to go to a more canonical source of truth (favorites/list or events streamed to user streams) when considering what’s been favorited.



Hi @episod,

In my App there is a tweet details page which has a favorite button. Suppose there was tweet with ID 1. This tweet was retweeted by some user and got ID 2. On my tweet details page, when I call favorites/create with ID 2, it actually favorites ID 1 (makes sense).

However if I go to the same tweet details page of ID 2, I want to show that it is already favorited. ID 2 is NOT available in favorite/list.

What I am currently doing (as a work around) is, get the ID of original tweet using retweeted_status.id_str. Then call statuses/show with this ID to get the favorited flag of original tweet.


Then how to show the user home timeline by differentiating favorited and unfavorited


I’ve tried status/show to get the correcte favorited, it works but it is too too too heavy (I’m getting 10 tweets). I think I’ll leave its value or add “show more info” link, that request show on click.