API v1.1 Rate Limiting Question


My company uses Radian 6 (by Salesforce.com) to collect various pieces of social media information. Radian 6 is not allowed to return Twitter content directly through their API, only the unique Twitter post ID. As a result, we are told to use the Twitter API to get the post content. Problem is, Twitter’s v1.1 API appears to be “rate limited” to 180 GET requests every 15 minutes for the specific request I’m making (1.1/statuses/show.json?id=#######).

My last Radian 6 “pull” returned >4000 unique Twitter post IDs. With the current limit, that’s almost 6 hours of Twitter API calls just to get the content.

Has anyone ran into a similar issue and came up with a reasonable solution?

I know I could just save all the Twitter post IDs and then process them throughout the day, but that wouldn’t be my first choice.

  1. Are there “corporate” Twitter accounts?
  2. Is there a way to bulk-read twitter posts?
  3. Is there a better API call to make for what I’m trying to do?
  4. ???

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


i need oauth source code for twitter integration in my mvc3 application.
i did OAuth 1.0 but authorize error comes how to solve this also i meet this error any one solve this
{“errors”:[{“message”:“Bad Authentication data”,“code”:215}]}


We have a product called Rehydration which will give you access, without rate limits, to fully licensed Tweets with complete metadata and Gnip enrichments. You can learn more about it here: http://gnip.com/products/historical/rehydration/