API v1.1 lists/members.json results are sometimes doubled when changing to the next cursor, and sometimes not. It depends on the list!



I found out 2 different behaviors when lists/members.json is called:
1/ The last user out of the 20 results and the first of the next curson are the same.
For example, for the list seo owned by kalena
The request https://api.twitter.com/1.1/lists/members.json?owner_screen_name=kalena&slug=seo
The last user is incrediblehelp (https://snap.apigee.com/YRuh1r)

For the next page:
The request: https://api.twitter.com/1.1/lists/members.json?owner_screen_name=kalena&cursor=1317845627180936000&slug=seo
The first user is incrediblehelp (https://snap.apigee.com/125LFG1)

2/ But it is nos always the case! There are lists where it works normally!
The last user is microsyntax (https://snap.apigee.com/YRvTIt)

For the next page:
The request: https://api.twitter.com/1.1/lists/members.json?owner_screen_name=natoinet&cursor=1328229789626531000&slug=webdev
The first user is twephanie (https://snap.apigee.com/125Mkra)

Please help!!!


4 days and 44 minutes and still no reply :frowning:
Please help again!


Thanks for this report. I’ll send it along to the team to investigate. I believe this is a method currently being re-implemented from scratch and you may find some of these kind of issues resolved by the new implementation when it unceremoniously gets released.



I still see the same problem as reported more than a year ago:
In lists/members.json, the last user out of the 20 results and the first of the next cursor are identical
Do you know if it is going to be resolved?