API v1.1 doesn't limit by IP address?



How do I confirm that API v1.1 doesn’t limit by IP address?
I have read the following post. But I hope to make sure with my own eyes.

Discussing API v1.1

If possible, I would like to call search API with 100 accounts from one IP address for the sake of confirmation. However I don’t have so many accounts.


Assuming you are not trying to get around the rate limits, and you have a single app ID with 100 user tokens that are being used against the search endpoint, there should be no issues - there is no limit by IP address.


Thank you @andypiper.

Other APIs such as home timeline also do not limit by IP address?




I understand your reply finally.

I give up a big-scale experiment.
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get 100 over accounts.

As an alternative, I had a small-scale experiment.
With 5 bearer tokens extracted from 5 user accounts, I called search API 400 times per token in 10 minutes from one IP address.
And all of them succeeded.

Thank you.