API V1.1 Display Requirements for Custom Twitter Feeds



I have a few questions about the API 1.1 display requirements

As a design\digital agency, we’ve created a number of custom designed twitter feeds on our client websites with the basic user_timeline which often consist of the twitter logo and latest tweet only - in many cases we have felt it would look too cluttered otherwise.

Can I confirm that from March 2013 we will have to display all the below information anywhere where twitter feeds are integrated into our websites?
Author avatar, username, actions (re-tweet, reply, favorite), correct linking timestamp etc etc as per https://dev.twitter.com/terms/display-requirements

How will this be enforced and will developers receive any sort of notice that display requirements have been broken or will the app\token just cease to work?

Some of the best creative uses of integrated feeds I’ve seen would not work so well if tweet appearances have to be standardized to this extend, such as the samples in the following: http://www.sitepoint.com/integrate-twitter-into-web-design/




Cross-posted response:

Yes, the display requirements apply to all scenarios in which Tweets and Twitter content are shown. Our platform operations team reaches out to developers and sites that are non-compliant with guidelines – make sure that the contact information associated with applications and accounts used with the API or widgets are up to date. Many of the widgets out and about today are based on our old legacy widgets or unauthenticated API calls, and many of those will just cease working once API v1 is fully retired.


Thanks for your clarification Taylor. At least developers will get some warning


As a dev, I understand the need for the control, on the other hand I think this is a devastating thing for Twitter to do… I manage over 120 websites for clients in which I’ve designed custom twitter solutions in almost every case. These companies range from billion dollar hedge funds to major entertainment corps. Updating these sites will be a MAJOR pain… Such a shame…


I would also describe the effect of universally applying the Display Requirements as devastating. I do understand why Twitter is seeking to control the experience of interacting with Tweets, but to insist on the same presentation in all contexts is certainly counter-productive, and it will harm the experience of the end user.


the post “API V1.1 Display Requirements for Custom Twitter Feeds” is very important for me because i am also suffering with same problems…thanks for share…


So the downward slide begins. I hope twitter knows what they are doing. If you REALLY believe that people will embed a twitter feed even if it looks like crap or breaks the site design, think again dudes. This is just nonsense.


The easiest way to get a timelines (aka. Twitter Feed) is by using Embedded Timelines, see the customizations options. It’s not perfect, we are working on improving those.

If you have specific needs, please tell us (instead of general, non-constructive comments, harder to act on those).


The widget box should be fluid, so it can fit into tiny or large spaces on a website and be more flexible to web designers. Allow custom width/height inputs and make the content in the widget adjust appropriately. This would improve it massively.

Also, allow users to select how many tweets they want displayed, whether or not they want display pictures to be seen, etc. All these small things really make it easy to integrate into other websites. There should be an option for no scrollbar, as there was previously.

You’ve allowed people to select an RGB value for the link colours. Why not do this for other aspects, e.g the non-link font colour? Or how about allowing RGB values for the background? The dark/light preset themes sure as hell aren’t going to fit in with most websites. Facebook has the same preset themes but they’ve allowed us to select our own colours in the actual markup though.

Also, users should be given the option to remove the “Tweet to @username” at the bottom. I find it quite annoying myself, and it’s also encouraging spam.

I know you guys are working on the customization and most of these probably won’t be possible, but I’m sure there are tons of people that would benefit from some of these features. The more customizable it is, the better.

I hope this was a bit constructive and I also hope that you’ll take some of these into account. This is the first time I’ve been on the dev site. Thanks for reading.


Can I re-iterate what has been said above.

We use Twitter to display news about our club, because it is easy and fast.

We used the V1 API to display the text we entered as news on the Club’s website news page as simple text blocks that matched the look and feel of the site.

We also displayed the twitter follow button to link to our Twitter account

A news page does not require a user to comment, retweet or make a favourite, nor does it require to show that we wrote the news item in the first place. If members want to comment on (reply or retweet) it they could click on the follow button, go onto Twitter, and do so.

Now we have to use an alternative method to write the same text twice - once for the website, and once for our Twitter account.

Not Twitter’s best decision!


@haslam22 thanks for the constructive comments, we are reading those and we will continue to improve the embedded timelines.


Actually, I just looked at the documentation (it was quite hard to find!) but it turns out the new twitter widgets aren’t that hard to customize. They’ve given you neat options for removing the scrollbar, limiting the tweets, adding a transparent background, removing the header/footer, etc.

There’s much more too. Check out this link: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines
Either these changes were implemented recently or were there for ages, I guess I was blind to them. I’ve customized the new widgets enough so that it fits into my site :slight_smile:

Makes me look like a bit of an idiot posting the comments above, it’s all good now. Thanks!


I have resorted to putting a hyperlink to my twitter timeline on any of the sites which i used to have a custom twitter feed.

For shame. The time and overhead just isn’t worthwhile to integrate a OAuth proxy …

Writing an API to interface with an API just seems retarded >_>


As an amateur site creator dropping the old Twitter API, which was simple for me to use, means I can not show the Twitter feeds that I have designed for my pages. It was a simple cut n paste and now Twitter feeds are out of my reach for my site. I would assume that many small site developers will have the same problem as we lack the skills to design sites using your code as our sites are very basic. This is not good for Twitter I would think and as for my site, it will get zero exposure.


Was thinking the same and after playing around with abrahams php scripts for oAuth, just to display my tweets I found this article to set up and had a customisable json twitter feed in a few minutes, really simple and invaluable if your looking for an alternative

Hope this helps a few people