API User keys disappearing from application


Hi All,

User-level tokens disappear from the app screen. I assume this means I’m doing something naughty, albeit unintentional. Is there any way to find out what it is?

Any thoughts would be welcomed.




Just to be clear, the token management page shows the following, even though they had been created

Your Access Token
You haven’t authorized this application for your own account yet.

By creating your access token here, you will have everything you need to make API calls right away. The access token generated will be assigned your application’s current permission level.


I wonder if it’s a rate-limit thing?

QUESTION: example users/show.json is limited to 180/15min. users/search.json is also 180/15min.

So does the 180 apply to each individually, or to the “users/” family ?
If I make 180 calls to users/search.json can I also call 180 times to users/show.json? I assume I can.

I realize this is newbie stuff. My apologies


Deleted your duplicate post in another category, and moved this one to OAuth.