Api uploaded audiences perpetually processing



IBM Watson Campaign Automation Social Audiences team has been made aware of an issue where audiences created via Api are taking an inordinate amount of time to process uploaded contacts (or never seem to finish processing). I have checked each step of the audience creation and upload process from this end and am not finding any errors or anything but success responses from twitter Api. Some audiences take several days to process (up to TEN days from what we have seen), and others have been in a state of processing for longer than that. Please advise what could be causing this issue, as audiences uploaded via the audience manager on ads.twitter.com with the same contact data take only a couple of hours to update/process. The following are some example audience ids created via api (some still processing and a couple that finished on 4/20):

Please let us know if any further information is required. Any assistance or information you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @silverpop_ea! Have you seen this thread? Tailored_audiences list stay "PROCESSING" even 3 days have passed way


I had not seen that thread previously. The last note advised you were still looking into the issue internally. Would you be so kind as to update/notify us when a root cause is determined and addressed? Thanks in advance.


Hi @silverpop_ea. I am not from Twitter, but someone from Twitter Staff will update that thread as they said, as soon as they have more information.


apologies. Thanks!


I see in the thread at Tailored_audiences list stay “PROCESSING” even 3 days have passed way that a fix was reportedly applied to address an issue with audiences taking a long time to process, but this does not seem to have resolved the issue for us. We are still seeing audiences taking a very long time to process. For example, audience 2kutt (created well after the fix was reportedly applied) was not very large and still took 7 days to process and the end result was ‘AUDIENCE TOO SMALL’. Would it be possible to have someone look further into this issue?


Hi @silverpop_ea do you mind posting the audience ID + account ID to Master thread for reporting TA processing issues

There were multiple issues over the past months (some related to GDPR, some regressions, some only for very particular type of ID data…) so it’s difficult to guess which issue you have been facing - but as a general advice I would say to upload the same data via UI and API if it’s in a list format and just prove it’s not an issue with your tool. Whenever the issue impacts spend, you can feel free to also escalate via a sales channel which will get prioritization based upon the size of the account and spend involved.

Since you posted “as audiences uploaded via the audience manager on ads.twitter.com 1 with the same contact data take only a couple of hours to update/process” -> for this particular reason, if it was related to a bug that was fixed then re-uploading now shouldn’t take so long. I would recommend posting in that other thread if it’s still happening but the information about whether or not same data works via audience manager would be useful for the team triaging it.


The audience reported to have taken 7 days must have been an anomaly. We have thoroughly tested from our end and this does not appear to be an issue at this time. Thanks for your attention to this matter.