API upcoming changes



I have read the document you have provided and tried the new parameters which you have specified,i have tried attachment_url param for status/update but its considering the 140 character space and when i tried to reply a tweet even though i used auto_populate_reply_metadata ,@ mentions were considering the 140 character space. When the changes will be rolled out???
As the changes were not rolled out yet i got “Invalid Parameter attachment_url” when i tried to use it, same wise i should get exception when i tried to use “auto_populate_reply_metadata” which i didnt get??? can you please clarify these things.
tweet_mode = extended parameter is working with status/update endpoints,im getting the newly specified payload!!! is it rolled out already??



No. We will announce when this is available. The documentation is clear that this is an upcoming change.


Hi andy,
Thank you , I have seen in The Verge that these changes are going live today i.e September 19, 2016. Is it true??



As I mentioned in my previous comment, we will announce when the API changes are available for use.