Api.twitter.com/oauth/authenticate 403 Forbidden


Hello everybody.
I’m trying to developped a bash application for Twitter.
I have a very important problem that I can’t fix.
When i send my request to api.twitter.com/oauth/authenticate with the string
as post data the only response that i have is
403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.

I can’t understand with this request didn’t work whereas the two requests steps before work !

Is there anybody help me ?

ps: sorry for my bad english :-s


You need to use a web browser for oauth/authorize and oauth/authenticate – it’s not permissible to automate the form submission process.


Even if I have username and password on a file ?




I didn’t remember where but i saw on a website that I could use this.
I used burp to know the form of the request which is sent when i fill the form with a browser


You will know that I succeed
I just forgot one s to my url request :wink: