API to use for Mobile app conversion tracking



Hello devs,

We host few twitter MAP cards to increase our mobile app installs. On our end, we get a list of customer IDFA’s who have successfully installed our app. Till now we have no knowledge of whether it is a result of the MAP ad or not.
I am looking for an API that i can use to query the twitter ad server with a/few customer IDFA/IDFA’s, and return whether that customer app install was due to a twitter ad that we scheduled. Can someone point me to the API documentation, if available?

Tracking requirements for Mobile App Install ads?


This is essentially the purpose of many conversion tracking partners. The functionality to do this is not exposed via the Ads API, but is granted to the conversion tracking partners to do on behalf of Twitter (or Fabric Answers is the one that Twitter ourselves maintains).

You may find more information about mobile conversion tracking here: https://biz.twitter.com/mobile-app-promotion


Can we directly call Twitter with the https://dev.twitter.com/ads/reference/post/conversion_event API to record the conversion events[app installs] in our case? I believe that once the events are recorded on TW, they would be reflected in the ‘mobile_conversion_installs’ metrics available in the analytics API - https://dev.twitter.com/ads/analytics/metrics-and-segmentation.


No, only official MACT partners can access that endpoint. To measure mobile conversion attribution you must use one of the partners (or Fabric Answers).