API to support Creating Quote Tweets



Wondering if there will soon be an official means of creating/POST of a Quote Tweet? We have users of our application very interested in being able to create native looking Quote Tweets, but don’t see any official guidance on how this can be accomplished.


You don’t need any Api for it. Just add the permatweet link of the original tweet to the end of the status and it works just fine


This is true, this method does work fine, but now with the twitter count revisions today, Twitter counts the permatweet link towards 140, meanwhile when you go the twitter.com, click the retweet button and add a comment (which creates a quote tweet) then the quoted tweet is now not counted towards the 140. Any idea on how to create quoted tweets via the API that doesn’t add 23 chars?


Yes, via the API, use the attachment_url parameter (and the tweet_mode=extended parameter) and add the Tweet permalink there.




Just an FYI, it’s currently working without tweet_mode=extended. Just using attachment_url does the trick.


This is true but if you don’t use tweet_mode=extended then if you post 140 characters in the quoted tweet you’ll get a link to the website attached rather than the entire quoted tweet


You mean in terms of what’s returned in the response (whether it’s the entire quote tweet or link to the website returned) from hitting statuses/update, right? If I’m only interested in the response data in so far as I want to confirm that it was successfully created, I can still use attachment_url or media ids without doing tweet_mode=extended to create tweets that are 140 chars of text not counting the image or quote tweet, and I can see that on twitter.com for example that these tweets they are being rendered properly / not truncated.

I know this is a small detail, just wanted to confirm that tweet_mode=extended is more important in terms of getting/reading data vs creating an update and confirming that it was created, that parameter doesn’t effect how the tweet is created, correct?


That is correct, yes. This is essentially optional on the compose side, but adding the parameter will ensure that the API responses will contain the complete Tweet object rather than a truncated one. This is more critical for completeness on the consumption side.